Narcissus Blushing

Narcissus Blushing, 2021

Ceramic, paint, aluminium and silver gilt, acetate, foiled card

85cm x 85 cm

Collection of the artist

When I Meet You

When I meet you, 2019

118.5 cm x 114 cm
Acetate, silver and aluminium gilt on paper
Private collection




Forget-me-not, 2021

salvaged paper envelopes, glassine, pencil, paint and drafting film

100cm x 110cm

Collection of the artist


Glow, 2021

salvaged tissue paper, thread, paint, foamcore

Collection of the artist

Mourning Bindu in White


Mourning Bindu in White, 2019

Gouache, thread, pencil and embossing on Khadi paper, 2019

108cm x 71cm

Private collection

Pink Bindu 2

Pink Bindu, 2015

Paint, pencil and thread on Khadi paper

104cm x 71cm

Collection of the artist

Dark Moon

Dark Moon 2017

128 cm x 130 cm

Pigment, acetate, drafting film and paper

Private collection

Under Here

Under Here, 2015

Collage incorporating foil, paint on Khadi paper

120cm x 120cm

Collection of the artist


Reflect, 2019

Paper, vinyl, metallic thread, gouache and Lunaria annua seed pods

100cm x 100cm

Collection of the artist